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As your Wedding celebrant I will collaborate with you and get to know who you are as a couple, your personalities, what you love about each other?  What do they do that winds you up? (we’ll keep it light hearted of course!)  I’ll ask you to answer some fun and cleverly worded questionnaires so I can create, craft, and write, from scratch, your very own personal love story into a unique ceremony just for you. 

I can even help each of you write your own authentic vows (No templates or samples here) and i will bring all of this together for you and set the tone for you and your loved ones on your special day, leaving you to concentrate on having fun! Hey, it’s your wedding day!! (I’ll even bring the tissues so you don’t need to think about that!) 

We can discuss ideas about any rituals or symbols you’d like to include in your ceremony. Any ideas you have please mention them! The answer will probably be yes! 

I am totally invested in you, you are the reason I do this after all. 

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