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How it all works.

If you decide you love the sound of a bespoke ceremony tailor made for you, then this is how it will happen:


You’ll get in touch using the enquiry form on here


I will then get in touch with you to discuss your ideas and requirements further, we can talk on the phone or facetime if you like over a brew or a G&T ! 


If you’re happy with our tête-à-tête then great! I will pencil you in!! (definitely an excuse to celebrate) 


T’s, C’s and fees……. I will send you the contract and some fun questionnaires to fill in (the more info for me the better!) A deposit is payable at this point also. 


Once I have the questionnaires back I can really get stuck in to creating an exciting and unique ceremony ALL. ABOUT. YOU. 


Once the first draft is finished we can get together again and i can read through the script if you would like, and make any necessary tweaks or adjustments! 


I will be available to you via email and phone throughout these stages and can even attend a rehearsal if you wish me to. 


The day of!!! 

I will be with you on the day of your wedding approx 90 minutes before the ceremony is due to start, I can welcome and chat with your guests, I can check your best man has everything, bring you tissues, calming words, a pep talk, whatever you might need. 

Then the floor is all yours 

I will be around for a short time after the ceremony (might try to steal a quick selfie with you two) and then I'll leave you to party the day and night away. 


The Legal Bit.

To be LEGALLY married in England and Wales the marriage must be entered in the marriage register and signed by both parties, two witnesses and a person who is authorised (registrar) to register the marriage. You’ll need to give notice of intent to marry at the registry office. 

Please check the ‘Marriages and civil partnerships in England and Wales’ section at GOV.CO.UK for more instructions

You can pick a date to do the legal bit before or after the actual wedding day, it’s a great excuse to have pre wedding drinks or even another new outfit haha and it gets the paperwork out of the way so you can focus on the romance! 

I cannot legally authorise your marriage.

What i do is so much more than inputting data. you wouldn’t think less of a christening service just because the birth certificate was signed elsewhere and your marriage will be every bit as special if not more by choosing a Celebrant to perform your ceremony! 

The transformation from you as a couple to you as married is surley not sealed with a biro!! 

It might be the vows, the first time you see each other on that day or it might be the kiss that clinches it! 

Either way, please don't let it stop you from choosing a celebrant, there’s so much more to be gained for yourselves, family friends and your memories of the day. 

Can i have a celebrant and a registrar at my wedding? 


There are no rules to say no, things to consider however.

A registrar will only travel to a licenced venue. 

You’ll effectively pay out twice as the registrar will cost more to be with you on the day, regardless of how much they contribute to the ceremony. 

Signing your certificate beforehand at the registry office will cost about £56 pounds but the cost of hiring a registrar to an approved venue can be upto £500.

I would ask you to double check with the registrar that they are happy to split the time and role in the service and possibly check with the venue too to make sure everyone is happy. 

(it’s just best practice)

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