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About Me



Hi there ! Im Selina, an Independent Celebrant based in a Beautiful part of Lancashire called Saddleworth. First of all, if you’ve got this far then congratulations on your awesome news!

 Pour yourselves a glass of something fizzy (or stick the kettle on) and I’ll tell you a little bit about myself. I’ve spent the last 15 years helping my lovely customers at the jewellers choose the perfect wedding and engagement rings. I love all things weddings and proposals,(I’m a massive softie) I love hearing about how people met and what their story is, so as jobs go, it ticks a lot of boxes! It’s this curiosity and passion for celebrating life's happy events which led me to train as a celebrant. Thanks to my awesome training with The celebrants Collective, I can help my couples plan and celebrate their commitment beyond the front doors of the jewellers and I can't wait! 

When I’m not at the jewellers you’d normally find me tucked in the corner of some coffee shop in Greenfield plotting my next ‘thing’ (impending birthdays, anniversaries, family gatherings) Any excuse really. Random facts about me… I love coffee and Gin ( not together although I’d probably give it a go) I enjoy long hilly walks as much as a Netflix binge, and I appreciate a decent dodgy joke as much as I love all night deep and meaningfuls about the universe. I have two beautiful daughters and four bonus babies as I call them. Together with my partner we are one big blended family and yes it's a bit mad but it's also magic and we have some epic family games nights! Over the years I have studied performing arts and person centered counselling, both of which I loved and both i feel have really helped with my celebrant role. I just want everyone around me to be happy. I've experienced my fair share of love and loss over the years which has left me with a solid sense of humor and a lot of perspective! We’re here for a good time, not a long time.

Why Choose a Celebrant

If working with couples planning weddings for 15 years has taught me anything, it’s where their priorities lie in the planning process. It’s not always where you think! 

DJ’s come before Rings and photo booths come before vows and whilst these things are fun elements to your wedding, they might not make lasting memories. 

You’ve probably come so far already in your journey as a couple, you deserve to have your story told on the one day you’ve chosen to pledge and promise your commitment to each other. 

You probably won't be wearing some generic dress or suit  so why settle for a run of the mill standardised ceremony?? 

Choosing a celebrant lead ceremony (over a registrar) is the gift that keeps on giving as choice is exactly what you get! 

You can have your ceremony anywhere! I do not require a licensed venue.

We can celebrate outside!! I’ll bring my own brolly and  I do not require a solid structure.

You can add a religious/spiritual element if you'd like or none at all. 

When your day comes, your celebrant will be a friendly familiar face, not a stranger. 

A celebrant will usually save the day just for you, no revolving door weddings here! 

Want to involve your family, kids, pets? No problem!

There are so many fun wedding rituals if you so choose. We could even make one up just for you! 

How do you want your ceremony to feel? Romantic? funny? Upbeat

Would you like there to be a theme? With a celebrant the possibilities are endless. 

Celebrating you is literally our job description and we know that variety is the spice of life!! 

Why chose a celebrant
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